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Do the positive impacts of social media outweigh the negative impacts of social media or is it the other way around?

Fake news, rumor spreading, cyberbullying and impersonation. These are just some of the negative impacts of social media. Has social media really impacted our society negatively, or can we do something to prevent the negative impacts from reoccurring?

No doubt about it, social media has made it comfortably easier to communicate and transfer information to one another. With only a difference of approximately 30 seconds of sending and receiving and the ability to send information to many people at once, its no wonder news travels fast. Literally.

In the past, as I vaguely recall with my poor memory, the earliest form of wireless handheld communication was the Pager. How it works is that if you wanted a friend to call you, you would take out your pager and ‘send’ that friend of yours your house phone number. Your friend will then see your number and find the nearest payphone to call you. As complicated as it sounds, the people of the past found it a miracle that information can be sent and receive without having to be physically in front of them.

As time went on, the first handheld phone, which was not a sleek design, was given the name, “The Brick”. Reason for that name? I think it speaks for itself. It had a humongous neck. To give you an idea of how thick it was, take a good look at your smartphone. Rest it on your palm. You’ll notice that there’s a lot of space between where your phone touches your hand and your fingertips vertically. Now imagine that your fingertips could barely reach the screen. That’s how thick it was.

It wasn’t long before the iPhone came about. The very first smartphone. Somewhere along the line, versatility came into play with the design and function of the new phone. People didn’t just want to use it for communication anymore. they wanted more uses for the handphone. So they invented the smartphone. this feature came into the picture just after the web had gone up. And thus, the internet.

As of today, communication is a blessing. It has been the goal of many to communicate seamlessly with each other since the very beginning. To know if it was truly a work of art or a recipe for disaster, sometimes we have to backtrack a bit and come back to where we started. What was our purpose? To achieve worldwide communication.

We have come along way no doubt about it and we have certainly achieved it nonetheless. With applications like YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, Imgur, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, LINE, WeChat have made it into smartphones so we can communicate seamlessly with one another. Whether, you’re on the other side of the globe, or just down the hallway in school, you’ll always be able to talk to your friends and family members about which soccer team is going to win or what’s cookin’ for dinner later. We must learn to control ourselves for we have created a blessing. Let’s not turn it into a curse.

For with seamless communication, comes great responsibilities.

With great power, comes great responsibilities.

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