This render was created after I watched the finale of Rooster Teeth’s RWBY Volume 6. It was by far the best volume as things were looking up in the series after a long and depressing part of the series where things didn’t go so well for our protagonist team. With 2 new songs waiting to be released and a whole new volume coming up hopefully next year, fans are eagerly awaiting the continuation of the series to find out what lies ahead for team RWBY and team JNR.

Ruby Rose finally able to harness the special ability of her silver eyes turned the tables of the giant leviathan grimm and saved a whole city. The 2D drawing of Ruby remembering her past gave viewers a ride down memory lane. However, fans screeched and shouted in awe and surprise when Rooster Teeth finally revealed Summer Rose. It was indeed the highlight of the series as we get approximately 8 seconds of official footage of what she actually looks like. Fans were kept in the dark for several volumes about who Summer Rose is and why she is gone. Her disappearance is, however, still a mystery.

Though the body is weak and breakable, the spirit is indomitable

Taken from the incomplete song of ‘Indomitable’.